Jesús Moreno – Granados is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is based on the workshop and intellectual reflection. This artist works with assemblies in polymeric resins and organic materials. Wood and plastics dialogue with paper and metal in their artistic proposal.

The workshop work is protagonist in its sculpture and its idea of the two-dimensional. As the expressive vehicle of Moreno is the matter, printmaking techniques such as the lithography, metal sheet and ceramics are united to this.

His creative work extends to poetry and narrative; while in the reflective – theoretical aspect, it is managed within contextualized research lines in the field of the practice inside the workshop, sound art and education in arts, which start from the academic and teaching vocation coming from their pedagogical experience. The interdisciplinary idea integrates his life and work experience in haute cuisine, the world of fashion and retail design & visual merchandising.

Formed between Latin America and Europe; the sea and the mountain can be thought of as the central symbols that balance the ideas of flow and stability on his work, showing a resume of his path of living. The idea of transit and the exodus have been modeling for him the question about the habitable space. Thus, the issue of listening emerges to consider it as an intimate and livable place. For this reason he has approached to the sound as a plastic material, and he has been researching, writing and working on its artistic and educational possibilities. Home, noise and listening have been central issues around which he has developed his work for the past seven years.
The integrality of his practice comes from the formation within the modern scheme of art teaching, which has led him to investigate techniques and crafts from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries as well as methodologies, theories and processes of the arts of the XXI century linked to the sound arts; field that he approached thanks to experimental music and which is currently reflected on his work from the perspective of the mentioned issues of the listening and teaching. This particular is a research work that given by the concept of noise, which led him through Tai-Chi to the skills of Ikebana and Bonsai, to lead him to the study of the philosophy approach of Zen.
His work is represented in private collections (Antón Apostolatos, Ruth del Prado, Beatriz Corao, Mail-Art Keyla Holmquist Collection, etc.) as well as institutional collections (Center for Latin American Studies Rómulo Gallegos) and has been recognized by the International Association of Critics of Art chapter Venezuela and other institutions of the artistic field.
Moreno – Granados is an artist of craft and thought who works within a line of artistic research and a creative activity that conceives art from the human expressive need that shapes life as water shapes the sands of a beach.