Jesus Moreno – Granados was born in Venezuela at the beginning of the 80s near the coast with the Caribbean Sea, descendant of European emigrants and Venezuelan natives. He grew up in Caracas at a time of cultural, artistic and architectural flourishing in this city surrounded by the mountains of the Ávila National Park and characterized by an urban development that exposes some of the most important international architectural movements from the 40s to the 90s. Urban experience in such an environment defined for him a particular way of understanding space, matter and creative processes. In her childhood, her interest and innate sensitivity to the arts was fostered from an early age by her mother through artistic education and instruction in arts, crafts, music and literature.

In contact with the art world since he was a child, he began technical studies in art at the age of thirteen, instead of studying the traditional academic baccalaureate. The proximity of literati, artists and intellectuals impelled him to continue deepening in the arts, motivated by recognitions and scholarships in his early youth. Still in the making, he studied professional sculpture, after a rigorous training in various disciplines with teachers such as Victor Hugo Irazábal, Celso Candelario and Antonieta Sosa, thesis tutor of the work of degree “Compendium” that received academic mentions of honor and publication in the year 2007.

Upon graduating from university, his work moves into the sculptural installation along with experimentation with non-academic electronic music, coming from early interest in sound and music technologies. With this as a paternal influence (his father was a music lover and radio amateur) the materials and instruments for sound reproduction and recording; radio, music and literature will form a set of tools, materials and concerns a universe that will take shape in a consolidated artistic reflection on space and materiality, which – thanks to the interest sown in the classroom by the producer, teacher and radio player Jorge Gómez Aponte – takes him to live and work in Barcelona, ​​Spain, to acquire sound methodologies and practices; the most ethereal matter with which the artist works.

Although the question of sound and listening was already evident in his pictorial and graphic work around the year 2000, upon finishing his postgraduate studies in 2012, the experience in Europe and learning with artists and professors such as Joseph Cerdá, Carmen Pardo and Manuel Berenguer consolidates the relationships and reflections Moreno has been working on between space, matter, image and sound; which (by voluntary exile) will be placed in his sculpture workshop in Bogotá, Colombia; Developing as an artistic proposal and as an academic research on the relationships between listening, artistic trades and teaching in arts.

Since the beginning of his exile in 2013, the plastic and sound work of Moreno – Granados has received recognition and has been exhibited in Latin America and Europe. Currently, the artist lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia.