I work assembly with polymeric resins, wood and thermoformed plastics, with sound and paper; with lithography and drawing. I use the materials and techniques according to what is most appropriate for each proposal, because I understand them and approach to them from the intrinsic logic that they have itself, considering that each material and each technique works as a network of thought assimilated by hand from the trade and the purpose that corresponds to them. Therefore, skill and expertise are thought-building networks.

I do assemblies because I work making connections from the understanding that space is a continuous flow that manifests itself in diverse manifestations of matter. My expressive vehicle is matter because it is opposed to insubstantial experience, of awe-inspiring astonishment that is art for me. I am a sculptor because I like to touch and I fight with my deafness because the noise opened for me the condition of the listening.

Today I find art as an unspeakable and subjective experience given by the configurations built for it from practice, education and experimentation because art has built and shaped my life. I work by hand because I understand that it is this that has shaped the tools, trades and disciplines that support the work of the ancient craftsmen and alchemists who have set up in their workshops the crafts that make up the world in which we live. It is the hand and its doing that has driven the imagination and thought of the species.