I am interested in the condition of what is in translation.

I work with time constructions that have as axis the actions and reflections on the matter and the space.

I work by hand because for me in the techniques, tools and craftworks is build the network of thought and knowledge through which we perceive and experience the world and our living. I believe that we are made of what we do, and that is made of what we think. From what we hear and what we see.

In this sense, I understand matter, time and space as variables where is sustained a shared understanding of the universe. Mainly I am interested in the multiple realities that can be constructed from what we see and hear in our environment.

From this I propose spatial situations that reflects the relations woven between subject, environment and context; seeking to open the possibility for other looks and listens; for the construction of other realities in movement. These are gazes and hearings that distort, doubt and question that shared understanding in which it is usually understood where we “exist”.